VRB Vexillium Cup
Sport Rugby
Founded 308 AP
No. of teams 64 (Qualifiers)
16 (Finals)
Continent International (VRB)
Most recent champion SN Severnaya

The VRB Cup, also commonly known as the VRB Vexillium Championship Cup, is an international rugby competition organized by the Vexillium Rugby Board. It is slated to be Vexillium's most prestigious rugby competition and one of the world's most popular sporting events. Early interest and ticket sales show that it trails only football's VexCup in terms of global popularity. The VRB Cup is sanctioned by the Vexillium Rugby Board.

Qualification for the 308 VRB World Cup began on April 12 end on 21 June with Kukuria claiming the last qualifying place in the tournament during the Repechage Round by defeating UTFN and Caledon.

The inaugural VRB World Cup tournament was held in the Republic of Shaelia from 29 August through 5 October 308 AP with Westria capturing the first championship, defeating the homestanding All Shaels, 9-3, in front of more than 90,000 spectators.

Results Edit

Tournaments Edit

Year Host Final Third place match
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd place Score 4th place
SN Severnaya Westria Westria 9-3 SN Severnaya FlagKemedal Kemedal 32-24 Flag-sanpatricio San Patricio
SN Severnaya SN Severnaya 31-17 Flag-sanpatricio San Patricio FlagKemedal Kemedal 37-16 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia
StSamuelFlag Samuelonia Template:Label - Template:Label Template:Label - Template:Label

More InfoEdit

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