Valkan is a Deuco manufacturer of motorized vehicles and trucks, with a traditional reputation for building powerful engines and "muscle cars". It is one of the original "BIG-3" Deuco carmakers, together with Rolfe and Daentzel, which merged into one company in 317AP, after the looming bankruptcy of Rolfe.


Valkan is perhaps best known for their involvement in open-wheel racing, beginning in the early days of the Ayrtona 500, which they have won a grand total of 12 times, and for their participation in ICARA, with very good success. Famous past and current Valkan drivers include such racing legends as Korana Setusu and Nikhlas Denim, among many others.

Valkan won the ICARA Constructors Championship in the 305AP Season, and the Drivers Championship with Korana Setusu in 303AP, and with Nikhlas Denim in 308AP. Valkan first won the prestigious Ayrtona 500 race in its third ever running in 245AP.

The company is headquartered in Stavrograd, the Deucolands.

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