Valley of Wildiarde
Wildiarde arms
Wildiarde flag
Motto Fortiter in Re, Suaviter in Modo
Capital Saint George
Population (305) xxxxxxx (Ranked xxnd)
  - Density xxx /km²
Area xxxx km² (Ranked xnd)
Highest point unknown xxxx m
Joined 305
Abbreviation VW
Languages Ingallish
Executive Wildiarde Council (7)
Legislative Wildiarde Parliament (xxx)
Municipalities 17 municipalities
Senate Seats xx seats
Wildiarde canton

Wildiarde (Official name: Valley of Wildiarde) is a canton (member state) of Aethelnia. it's state capital is Saint George

History Edit

Wildiarde canton was formed in year 305, through the merger of the provinces of Lakeland and (partially) Aethenrey. These provinces were, in turn, preceded by several very old local government entities, such as the Duchy of Lakeland, the Bishopric of Saint George, the County of Darby and the Crown Lands of Aethenrey (a former royal domain).

Symbols Edit

The canton shield features a winged hippopotamus surmounted by a (Aethelnian) Blue Lion. The canton flag is essentially a banner of arms. The motto is in Lilliani and reads Fortiter in Re, Suaviter in Modo, which roughly and loosely translates in Ingallish language as: Resolute in execution, gentle in manner. A personal motto of William XVII of Aethelnia,adopted by the canton as it's motto in the king's honour, during whose regency the canton was formed.

Geography Edit

Wildiarde encompasses the eastern part of Saint James Valley. Through the canton runs the river Aethel. It is bordered in the north by the Victoria Mountains, and in the south by the Pharosian Hills.

256px the wolds aet

The Pharosian Hills, Aethelnia

Economy Edit


Transportation Edit


Administration Edit

Wildiarde municipalities

Wildiarde is divided in 17 municipalities

Since 305, the Wildiarde Council is the executive branch of the canton. The unicameral, proportionally-elected Wildiarde Parliament is the legislative branch. Wildiarde does not have a need for a bicameral parliament. Democratic elections are held every 4 years.

Wildiarde is divided into 17 municipalities. One of these, is the Saint George State Capital Township (no. 16).


Wildiarde soccer

Wildiarde Flying Hippos' soccer team

Wildiarde has it's own soccer team, called the Wildiarde Flying Hippos. They are sponsored by Air Aethelnique, and are competing in the Aethelnian Soccer Cup.

Sightseeing Edit

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