Founded 293 AP
Headquarters San Bernadino, UFK of (St. Samuel)
Company President Sir Michelangelo Del Mizzoni
Industry Mobile telecommunications
Products Mobile networks and Telecommunication services
Employees 54,000

Vexafon is a mobile network operator headquartered in San Bernadino, Saint Leo province, St. Samuel. It is the largest mobile telecommunications network company in St. Samuel and in 308, the company began operations in a further five countries.

As of 308 Vexafon had an estimated 125 million customers in six markets in the Longerath continent. The company CEO, Sir Michelangelo Del Mizzoni, stated that his target for 309, was to spread Vexafon to all six regions of the Old Continents and Nuarmia.


Vexafon was founded in 293 AP by Sir Michelangelo Del Mizzoni, during a time of rapid growth in the mobile telecommunications market vex-wide. Vexafon's original target group was large business organisations, but by 298 AP, Vexafon had changed to become the most popular household mobile telecommunications company in St. Samuel.

During the early 300's, Vexafon looked grow and now has operations in St. Samuel, Dascunya, Angliyaa, Trinia, Aethelnia and Cruisana. Besides providing mobile telecoms networks, Vexfon also produces mobile phone handsets and accessories and also has the largest chain of high street mobile telecoms shops in St. Samuel.

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