Vexbank bldg

The headquarters of the Vexillium Bank, Haastadt, Rovens, on a foggy summer's day. Most floors are leased out to other financial organisations, though the plan was to occupy the entire building. It has also often been mooted as a possible replacement for the UNV headquarters in Cruishaven.

Vexillium Bank, or VexBank, has been formed by Bankers, economists, politicians and religious groups from various parts of the globe to establish the necessary infrastructure to aid the world in its economic stability. The mission of the Bank will be three-fold:

  • A capital funding development bank - Any member nation can make an application for a low-interest loan to provide vitally necessary infrastructure to help their people rise above their poverty
  • A short-term loans bank for the purposes of currency and economic stabilisation
  • A World Trade and Economic Modeling Institute - The Institute will have the goal of modeling the impact of various catastrophes upon the world economy, helping governments to prepare for the aftershocks

The Vexbank building is one of the more distinctive buildings of the financial district of Haastadt, Rovens. It was funded by the VexBank Administration Development Fund, at a cost of approximately C130 million, as an investment providing income to cover administrative overheads of the bank. This would mean more capital would be available for donations, instead of being weighed down by administrative costs. As it is located in the financial district of Haastadt, and with Haastadt's strong financial-sector growth, the building has had high occupancy and earned strong income.

VexBank homepage

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