Vexillium Rugby Board
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Type International Sports Organization
Formation 23 March 251 AP
Headquarters Veisbaden, Scwflag Shaelia
Budget C$194 mil
President Duro Milatossae
Membership 70 unions
Official website

The Vexillium Rugby Board (VRB) is the world governing and law-making body for the sport of rugby. It was founded in 251 AP. The VRB's headquarters are located in Veisbaden, Shaelia.

With the recent upswing in global interest in rugby, the VRB has begun to move forward on many fronts to maximize the game's exposure and grow the sport in as many nations of the world as possible.

The VRB currently has 70 full member Unions (as of April 309) and five Regional Associations, with the member unions meeting annually and Regional Associations organizing regular meetings (typically bi-annually). The VRB organizes some of the sport's international competitions, with the VRB World Cup (occurring every two years) being its most popular and profitable competition. The organization also provides money to smaller nations or those nations where rugby is not a well-developed sport.

Regional AssociationsEdit

Member UnionsEdit

International CompetitionsEdit

The Vexillium Rugby Board operates the following international competitions, each designed to improve the quality and consistency of all its member teams and to maximize the exposure of rugby around the world.

Huttler CupEdit

Main articles: Huttler Cup and VRB World Cup

The Huttler Cup is awarded to the winner of the VRB World Cup. It was commissioned by the Vexillium Rugby Board in on 20 September 307 to be the most prestigious award within international rugby.

World RankingsEdit

The VRB ranks member nations according to their performance on the pitch using a 'Points Exchange' system, where teams either gain or surrender ranking points depending on fixture results measured against the quality of the opposition faced. When a new nation joins the VRB, they are given a preliminary ranking of 40.000 (good for roughly 45th in the world rankings).

The VRB World Rankings are sponsored by the Westrian-based parcel carrier, WestEx.

The official WestEx VRB World Rankings can be found here.

National TiersEdit

The VRB maintains a four level classification system in place for all national rugby unions, known as the Rugby Tiers or simply the Tiers. A nation's Tier placement is reviewed once yearly by the VRB Competition Board. Currently, Tiers 2–4 national rugby unions are eligible for VRB developmental grants and other funding sources to develop infrastructure and promote the sport in their respective nations. At present, there are nine Tier One member unions on Vexillium.

Tier One Member UnionsEdit

Domestic LeaguesEdit

The following domestic leagues in operation around Vexillium are sanctioned by the Vexillium Rugby Board.