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[TECH: If Vexillium is where it all began, and Respect is what it's all about, Vexillology is what made us unite. The requirement for having a flag is what makes the difference between us and other imaginary worlds. Thus, and as a reverence or sign of recognition for our Founder and Planet Master, Edward, this topic be introduced here. Winfried 22:32, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

Vexillology, in short, is the science of flags and the like.

Flags are useful if not required for a smooth interaction between states.

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The original form of a flag is found in the Holy Flag of Cruis, still in use in Cruisana (left). Cruis lived around 14 BP.

A very old specimen of a flag is the battle flag of the Fenis under Duke Paul used in central Longerath in 2580 BP when liberating themselved from the Gardlies (right).

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