Vldišav Šnajdrov
RZOEAZ driver Vldišav Šnajdrov
Born TBA
Achievements 1st Jilnovian driver
Racing Series RZOEAZ
Car no., team No. 5 (Allen-Stayton Racing)
316AP Pts Pos 45th of 113
Best Pts Finish 45th (316AP)
Last Race 317AP Queen's 300
First Win 317AP Queen's 300
Last Win 317AP Queen's 300
Starts 48
Wins 0
Top-5s 3
Top-10s 9
Poles 0

Vldišav Šnajdrov (born... to his mom and dad) is a Jilnovian race car driver in the RZOEAZ. He currently drives the No. 5 VexTel Veron for Allen-Stayton Racing. His residence is neat and tidy, though certainly not what would be considered opulent. Is he married? Besides to his race car, it's not all that clear. There might be someone to compete for his affections, but we're all fairly certain that the race car will win in the end. And as for children, he considers all of his adoring fans to be like his children, and treats them accordingly.

Early LifeEdit

RZOEAZ CareerEdit

315AP SeasonEdit

316AP SeasonEdit

317AP SeasonEdit

Career StatsEdit

Year Car Team Start Pole Win Top-5 Top-10 Finish
317AP #5 VexTel Veron Allen-Stayton Racing 0 0 1 0 0 TBD
316AP #5 VexTel Veron Allen-Stayton Racing 26 0 0 2 7 45th
315AP #42 VexTel/Air Feniz Veron Allen-Stayton Racing 22 0 0 1 2 101st

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