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Table and results for the Water Polo Tournment at the Belo Quinto 309 Summer Vexgames.

Male TournmentEdit

FIRST ROUND (day 10)
Game A: BOB 11 vs. 01 UTA
Game B: DEU 11 vs. 04 LEN
Game C: KYS 14 vs. 10 STS
Game D: IWK 18 vs. 06 AET
Game E: CXG 08 vs. 07 KAN
Game F: WES 02 vs. 11 SCW
Game G: MIM 06 vs. 08 LOM
Game H: ROV 06 vs. 04 SCK
Game I: BOB 01 vs. 13 DEU
Game J: KYS 16 vs. 03 IWK
Game K: CXG 08 vs. 14 SCW
Game L: LOM 04 vs. 05 ROV
Game M: DEU vs. KYS
Game N: SCW vs. ROV
Loser of Game M vs. Loser of Game N
FINAL (Day 18)
Winner of Game M vs. Winner of Game N

Female TournmentEdit

FIRST ROUND (day 11)
Game A: DEU 14 vs. 04 AET 
Game B: SCK 16 vs. 02 LEN
Game C: BOB 11 vs. 04 DAV
Game D: KYS 24 vs. 01 PCL
Game E: WES 07 vs. 04 SCW
Game F: UTA 06 vs. 06 STS (ET: 14-05)
Game G: LOM 12 vs. 07 KAN 
Game H: CXG 08 vs. 05 IWK
Game I: DEU vs. SCK
Game J: BOB vs. KYS
Game K: WES vs. UTA
Game L: LOM vs. CXG
Game M: Winner of Game I vs. Winner of Game J
Game N: Winner of Game K vs. Winner of Game L
Loser of Game M vs. Loser of Game N
FINAL (Day 19)
Winner of Game M vs. Winner of Game N
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