The Whiland First Division is the premier club football competition in Whiland, and one of the most popular football competitions in the world. Established in the 300-01 season. There are 20 clubs in the First Division. During the course of a season each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents for a total of 38 games for each club, and a total of 380 games in a season. At the end of each season the three lowest placed teams are relegated into the Whiland Second Division and the top two teams from the Whiland Second Division, together with the winner of a play-off involving the 3rd to 6th placed clubs, are promoted in their place.

Teams in the 306-07 Whiland First DivisionEdit

Former First Division MembersEdit

Previous Season SummariesEdit

Season Winner Runner-Up Relegated Top Scorer
300-01Gough Liberation Revelucion Chifley Delta Diamonds, Cruisport Juniors, Calhamer Athletic Viliam Sinisterfoot, Tabitha City (23)
301-02Revelucion Chifley Athletic Petrovia Metalurg Efendiev, Dukla Hidegkuti, Yoakes United Nathan Blacklock, Revelucion Chifley (24)
302-03Gough Liberation Revelucion Chifley Halifearn Town, Sporting Zereshk, Forde F.C. Ricky Walford, Gough Liberation (25)
303-04Revelucion Chifley Tabitha City Yoakes United, Nakon Foolad, Cairnshill Wolves Ricky Walford, Gough Liberation (30)
304-05Gough Liberation Athletic Petrovia Fisher Eagles, Ruvendberne Cosmos, Darioush Perspolis Nathan Blacklock, Revelucion Chifley (25)
305-06Gough Liberation Tabitha City Sporting Zereshk, Keating United, Forde F.C. Vasya Makari, Athletic Petrovia (23)
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