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Whilandian Glaciaria
Conventional short name:
 Local: Whilandian Glaciaria
 Ingallish: Whilandian Glaciaria
Data codes: WGR
 Official: None
 Others: n/a
 Capital: Sonmaw Station
 Other: Ramundsen Station
Government type: Protectorate - no government
President: N/A
Area: n/a
Population: 80 (population varies between 50 and 150 scientists) Whilandians
Established: TBA
Currency: Whilandian Dollar
Organizations: None - Represented by the Federal Republic of Whiland

FRWNationalSmall   The Federal Republic of Whiland   FRWNationalSmall
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Glaciaria Flag   Glaciaria   Glaciaria Flag
Dependencies: Islandian GlaciariaLexican GlaciariaTundraskaWhilandian GlaciariaZartanian Glaciaria
Disputed territores: Fort CapitalGronkian GlaciariaFormer territories: GuadacoaLendian Glaciaria
Other topics: Glaciaria ConventionGuadacoa crisisKinnarit Amundsdottir

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