Yannism is a philosophical emphasis or divergence from mainstream beliefs of Cruisianism regarding the present age of Vexillium. Yannists contend that the world is on the cusp of ending, and reject technology as the precursory developments that are precipitating that very end.

It is arguably the best known divergence within the Utani Church, though it would be false to refer to it as a denomination, schism or even a sect, since Yannists occupy the same churches as other Cruisians.

Yannism is more a more fervent belief that the plague signalled the beginning of the so-called end-times that pre-date the destruction of this creation and its replacement with a new one.

What distinguishes Yannists is their belief that any technological advancement since the plague should be rejected, or at least treated with strong suspicion. This stems from the explosion in scientific progress within the Utani Empire in the hundred years before the plague. The plague therefore, it is reasoned, was a clear sign of Cruis's rejection of the technology that was under development at that time.

Yannists are found primarily amongst the Uta-Ramal tribe in the north of Savana state (the Utanian mountains) and in the neighbouring region of South Bay.

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