GK  Bento Ornelas   31       
 GK  Immanuel Bergdahl   27       
 D  Evaristo Fonseca   33       
 D  Anselmo Marinho   33       
 D  Lino Targino   32       
 D  Dragan Kovacevic   31      
 D  Olavo Fidalgo   24       
 D  Adriano Beja   23       
 D  Carlos Rios   22       
 MF  Theo Vanberg   35       
 MF  Freire Jardim   30       
 MF  Greg Fensome   29       
 MF  Edgar de Deus   28       
 MF  Calisto Pascoal   26       
 MF  Felix Ladulås   22       
 F  Michel Nihlgård   32       
 F  Lourenço Trovisco   28       
 F  Gonçalo Leme   27       
 F  Hélder Cadete   18       
 F  Severino Gentil   18

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