City of Zardaqaman
[[Image:|85px|none|Coat of arms of the Canton of {{{short_name}}}]] [[Image:|145px|none|{{{short_name}}}]]
Constituent country UFK of St. Samuel
Region Shuquilat Emirate
Districts 9 districts
Population 202,000
Lord Mayor Emir Mustapha Il-Bithina

Zardaqaman is the administrative capital and largest city of the Shuquilat Emirate, in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. Its current population is estimated at about 202,000. Founded in 3930BP, the city is located in central Shuquilat, on the banks of the River Fatinah. The current Governor of the city and also of the Emirate, is Emir Mustapha Il-Bithina.

Zardaqaman is home to the Royal Palace of Shuquilat, the Temple of Elders and the Grande Mosque of Zardaqaman.


Zardaqaman has been inhabited for over 4,000 years and was founded by the Traz'Doha tribe, a family of the Shuquilat tribes.




Zardaqaman is the main center of education in Shuquilat. It is home to Zardaqaman University, which is the oldest and by far the largest university in Shuquilat.

  • Zardaqaman University
  • International University for Science and Technology
  • United Zardaqaman University of Religous Studies
  • Shuquilat University of Science and Medicine


The city has two professional football clubs, Inter Zardaqaman FC in Division 4 and FC Zardaqaman in Division 6. Inter Zardaqaman are in the Rassadollah district at the Sargonia Stadium and FC Zardaqaman are located in the Yamas Arul district at the Zardaqaman Arena.


The main airport is Zardaqaman International Airport, approximately 20 km away from the city center, with many international connections. Streets in Zardaqaman are often narrow, mostly in the older parts of the city, and speed bumps are widely used to limit the speed.

Public transport in Zardaqaman depends extensively on ZCB (Zardaqaman City Buses). There are about one hundred lines that operate inside the city and some of them extend from the city center to nearby suburbs. The number of buses serving the same line is relatively high, which minimizes the waiting time.

Al-Ijaz railway station, lies in the city center and runs regular trains to the Minbarrium Emirate, Saint Nicholas Province, the Lamanerda Emirate and the Saint Jordinian Province.

In 305, the government announced a plan to construct an metro/underground system in Zardaqaman with an opening time for the green line scheduled for mid-309. When the Zardaqaman Metro System opens, it will include undergound and raised over ground lines.

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