Zhorah Grigor'eva (born 29/02/276, in Brazhekev, Guwimith) is mangager of the G-League side, Brazhekev F.C. and a former defender for the Guwimith national football team, the Guwimith Eagles (2 caps, 0 goals).

Grigor'eva shot to world-wide infamy in an international against San Patricio after a particularly violent challenge on an opponent which resulted in a straight red card. Grigor'eva was immediately hounded out of football by the uproar, and retired from both national and club duty, having his house stoned and being burned in effigy in Guwimith City after the incident. Eager to make amends, Grigor'eva threw himself into coaching, winning several youth titles before taking over the managerial role at his home town club in 306.

Grigor'eva's sides are known for their robust play and tough tackling, though Grigor'eva himself cracks down on violent play by his own players, telling Whiland Football magazine in 305: "No one should ever have to go through what the man I hurt went through, just for playing a game of football".

The football world still views Grigor'eva with scepticism, and he is still persona non grata in San Patricio, despite apologising to his victim and the general public.

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